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Paperback edition for £19


Limited print run of 20 artist edition for £28 each.

Hill, Dale & Ham, Your guide to an alternative Forest Hill, Kirkdale and Sydenham.


Ever wondered how your neighbourhood may be different if history had taken another path?

What untold stories, knowledge and hidden heritage may be lost with the passing of time?

Hill, Dale & Ham adventures into the history and future of three pockets of South East London. Scenarios imagine how local pioneers and inspiring heritage create contrasting realities or transform the futures of these sites. And within these local places, we also discover issues that are shared globally.

So if you’re intrigued by questions such as...

If rats hadn’t eaten Brunel’s revolutionary invention could Forest Hill now be the gateway to the world through a hyper-speed global transport system?

Could the freshwater springs of Kirkdale be a major attraction once more?

And could Sydenham be a destination to experience the world of tomorrow?

...we welcome you to Hill, Dale & Ham.


Limited print run of 20 artist edition Hill, Dale and Ham books for £28 each. These specially produced books which include maps and "pull-out" prints will be unique to this print run. These 20 books will not be reproduced in this format again.

Book size: 150mm x 230mm
Pages: 84pages
Cover: DNS Indigo Uncoated FSC 300gsm
Text: DNS Indigo Uncoated FSC 160gsm
* All prints will be numbered and signed.

The paperback edition is
Book size: 150mm x 230mm
Pages: 84pages
Cover: Gloss paper, 120gsm
Text: Silk paper, 105gsm